Collector's Favorite: Queen Elizabeth Ten-Sided Five Dollars Coin

Among Hong Kong coins, there is a five-dollar coin in the shape of a pentagon that has been a favorite among many collectors. It features Queen Elizabeth and has ten sides.

This coin is made of copper and nickel alloy. It was minted in three different years: 1976, 1978, and 1979, and their values vary based on the quantity produced. The mintages are as follows:

1976: 30,000,000 pieces

1978: 10,000,000 pieces

1979: 12,000,000 pieces

The obverse of this ten-sided five-dollar coin bears the English inscription of Queen Elizabeth II. In the center, there is a side-profile image of the Queen facing to the right. The reverse side displays the face value in both Chinese and English, with the issuing year indicated at the bottom center. In the middle, there is the Royal Lion of England holding a pearl with its paws. However, due to the vulnerability to counterfeiting, the Hong Kong government started using another five-dollar coin with a milled edge in 1980. Some also believe that the ten-sided coin was inconvenient to roll in different machines, leading to the switch to the new round five-dollar coin. From 1981 onwards, the ten-sided version ceased to be in circulation.

The scarcer the mintage, the higher its value. Among the three years, the 1978 coin is the most expensive, followed by 1979, and the initial release in 1976 is the least expensive.

According to the "Hong Kong and Macau Coin Catalog" in 2014 and the "Hong Kong Currency Catalog" issued around 2010, the prices listed for the three years are the same. For coins in excellent condition, the prices range from HKD 80 to HKD 180 for the respective years.

In 2017, our shop also sold a 1976 pentagonal coin rated as PCGS MS66 for $850 on an online auction platform. At that time, it was a period of relatively high prices for this coin, but it later experienced some decline. The price of this coin tends to be significantly higher for higher grades.


In 2023, a common circulated coin with some dirt from 1976 would be priced around HKD 30-50. If it's from 1978, it can range from HKD 70 to HKD 100. Generally, the price of the 1978 coin is approximately double that of the 1976 coin. In better condition, the 1978 coin can fetch over HKD 100 each. Since this coin is relatively common and not difficult to find, its price depends on the condition.

As the only ten-sided coin in Hong Kong, this five-dollar coin is a suitable entry-level item for coin collectors. It is cherished by many people and, with proper storage, is likely to retain its value in the long run.


Editor: "prestige collection"

Updated: September 2023